My First Alexa – And Getting It To Work on Hotel WiFI

Remember this scene from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? They’ve gone back in time, Scotty tries to work a computer by talking to it? Funny stuff. Science fiction then, science fact now thanks to major advances in voice recognition technology.

For legacy users like myself, it requires a bit of a mental reset. I’m someone who is so used to opening a new tab in a browser and typing a few words and looking at the result. It’s just in the past year that I started getting into using Siri on my i-devices.

I’ve been very curious about Amazon’s line of Alexa-enabled devices since the first reviews started coming out – was it a year ago? I wasn’t sure how useful it would be to me in Manila or Hong Kong – a lot of it seems to be tied into being an Amazon Prime member, which I’m not. I was also very curious about the sound quality if I was going to use the Echo as a bluetooth speaker for music.

(Amazon Echo 2nd generation)

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Headphones I’m Using Now, Music I’m Listening to Now

Headphones are another addiction of mine – an addiction that I have (mostly) conquered. I used to buy several sets a year. (Most of them have long since been sold off.) I bought so many that the guys in one of the headphone shops in the top floor of the Wanchai Computer Centre knew me well.

I wouldn’t say I’m an audiophile. Some of my ability to hear high frequencies is gone with age and I have tinnitus (probably a result of doing rock concert security back in my college years).

On the other hand, I have a good idea of what music should sound like, or at least how I want it to sound. I listen to a broad variety of genres. And thanks to the increased storage capacity of the iPhone 7+, I’ve now been filling up that storage capacity with Apple Lossless files rather than MP3’s, more than 3,000 songs so far.

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Random Stuff on a Saturday Night

I went to SM Mega Mall on a Saturday night, which is an indication of how much of a masochist I must be. 30 minutes to drive there, 30 minutes waiting to get into the parking lot. But I figured I could find almost everything I was looking for in one place and I had nothing else to do, ergo ….

First order of business – buy a surge protector.  I made the dumb mistake of checking The Wirecutter for recommendations first. Dumb because of course I already knew in advance that whatever they’d be recommending wouldn’t be available here – here being the relatively large Cyber Mall on the 4th floor of Mega Mall. And I was right! Their number one choice – Tripp Lite – no one ever heard of it. Their number two choice, a specific model from Belkin that sells for all of US$31 (gasp!) on Amazon apparently is too expensive for this market.

One shop I went into had a cheaper Belkin, just one model, two pieces on the rack. Another shop had several different Belkins and a couple of models from a company called Silvertec.

My experience can be summed up by this exchange:

Him: Good evening. Can I help you?

Me: Yes, I’m looking for a surge protector.

Him: What?

Me: A surge protector.

Him: For what?

Me: (?????) For my computer.

Him: Oh. How many inches?

Me: That’s a rather personal question, isn’t it?

Him: ????

Me: Thank you!

Dinner at Mighty Quinn’s. Brisket, dirty rice, cole slaw and three kinds of pickles including pickled jalapenos. No complaints.

Then I figured I’d hit a movie (Logan) and had two hours to kill before the next showing. Walked around. Looked in a bunch of shops. Almost bought a new pair of prescription glasses but decided to hold off a couple of weeks.

Went outside for a smoke. Walked past Gerry’s Grill. There’s a family of 10 dining outside there. And here’s what “outside” looks like when you’re eating outside of this branch of Gerry’s Grill (red arrow):

Yeah, you’re sitting in a tunnel, with about 10 FX vans and 20 taxis parked there, all revving their engines to keep their air cons going, not to mention standstill traffic in both directions. People are sitting there eating? Inhaling a solid wall of CO2 along with their food? And then this family is finished, they get up to leave, the kid who couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9 stands up and deliberately spits on the ground – hocks up a huge loogie on the ground right where he was sitting and right next to another table where people are sitting. He couldn’t even be bothered to walk the 2 feet over to the curb to spit into the street. No one says a word. No one. Not one word.

Anyway, eventually it was movie time. Logan. It’s the third weekend it’s playing here, it has plenty of competition (Beauty and the Beast, King Kong Skull Island, Power Rangers something or other), it’s still playing in one of the bigger rooms in the multiplex – an 800 or 1,000 seater. No Imax, no 3D, no reserved seating, so tickets just US$5. Cannot complain about that.

And even though it’s currently rated an 8.5 at IMDb and gets a 92% at Rotten Tomatoes, I thought it was good (and definitely different enough from the rest of the X-Men films, which have grown quite tiresome in many ways, not the least of which the way in which they waste talented actors) but not great by any means. I guess I got more of a kick out of seeing Stephen Merchant (Ricky Gervais’s possibly more talented and definitely taller frequent collaborator) buried under tons of make-up, not to mention Richard E. Grant and Eriq LaSalle. And it was good to see Hugh Jackman without the stupid hair do and facial hair.

And now I’m home and, well, that’s about it!

(Actually Friday night was better. I was introduced to a group of local tattoo artists, spoke to them about maybe shooting in their shops at some point, started thinking about my next tattoo and flashed on this melting clock from Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory:

Or maybe Dali’s The Melting Watch, if I wanna get really ambitious about it:

Perhaps draped over my right shoulder (and yeah, I know, doing it there will hurt like a motherfucker, but it seems like a logical place for it) so pass the tequila and let’s get it on … maybe.)


Getting G.A.S. Again

One of my “thinking by writing about it” posts ….

Many photographers suffer from G.A.S. I myself suffered from it for many years. G.A.S. of course stands for Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

I cured myself of G.A.S. by not looking at gear review web sites and not reading photography magazines. But lately I’ve been thinking …. I may not need to buy a scooter (for reasons that I won’t go into) so maybe I would have the money to finally upgrade my camera.

My Nikon D800 is now 5 years old. It has served me well. But it’s big and heavy and the lenses are also big and heavy and imaging technology has moved forward by 5 years.

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Sony MDR-1000X Bluetooth Headphones

So, dealing with listening to music on the iPhone 7+.

For the last couple of months, I’ve had the Dragonfly Red DAC and Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 and been quite happy with the sound, not to forget that I now have more than 2,000 songs in Apple’s lossless format on the device. But to be honest, this set up was a literal and figurative pain. Literal, because the MSR7’s grip my head tightly and become uncomfortable after an hour. Figurative because I’d have to plug in so much stuff and then deal with the cord dangling down (and sometimes getting the cord stuck on stuff in crowded situations).

I do have one pair of Bluetooth headphones, the original Parrot Zik 1.0, which I’d bought used several years ago and had fallen out of love with. Since I was in Hong Kong, I thought I might get myself a new pair of Bluetooth something but was hoping to get away without spending very much.

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Some Quick Thoughts on the iPhone 7 Plus

I got my iPhone 7 Plus (256 gig, black) on Tuesday. I’ve had it for exactly a day and a half so haven’t had much time to play with it yet. Overall I’m happy with the decision I made. Of course, I don’t get my phone for free like some reviewers, so I’m pre-disposed to liking it after having spent so much money.

I’ve never had the “Plus” before. It’s a lot heavier than I expected and that will take some getting used to. I appreciate the larger keyboard to type on and the screen is amazingly sharp. With my regular sized iPhone 6, I was frequently reaching for my glasses for tasks like reading and responding to text messages – I don’t think I’ll need to do that as often now. I expect the larger screen to be useful for Waze (which is one of my most frequently used apps) but haven’t driven anywhere in the last 2 days to test it out.

My 128 gig iPhone 6 was almost always full. Now I have a lot of empty space and I’m filling it up with FLAC files (from CD’s I’m ripping myself using Exact Audio Copy and some stuff that I have, um, downloaded). I’m using a free app called FLAC Player+ for playing the music on the phone and so far that is working quite well. There are ads on screen – but how often does one look at the screen when listening to music?

(Time saving tip: Since FLAC Player+ loads files via iTunes’ file sharing interface, the first time I loaded files I had 20 files that started with 01., 20 files that started with 02., and so on. I deleted everything, batch renamed files so they had the album names first and reloaded the files. Otherwise it would be a long and painful process to delete individual albums later on. It appears that playlists need to be created on the phone. I’ve been using MusicBee to make sure all files are properly tagged.)

The sound quality is just blowing me away. I’m using the Audioquest Dragonfly Red DAC and the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones and I’m hearing details that I haven’t heard in a very long time. This alone makes the upgrade worth it for me!

I have not yet tried the Lightning/Headphone adapter with any of my wired headphones. I’ll get to it eventually.

My first phone call received was a spam marketing call! The first photo taken was of my wife and it’s very sharp, colors are great.

Here’s a test image taken my iPhone 6:


That’s straight out of the camera, no processing aside from resizing it when loading it here.

Here’s a crop – JPG loaded into Picasa, cropped, no other adjustments, exported:


Now here’s the shot I took moments later with the iPhone 7 Plus:


And a similar crop:


Nothing very scientific here. Do the iPhone 7 photos seem sharper? That could be, or it could just be that I was doing both shots handheld, relatively quickly, and can’t say with any certainty that I was in the exact same position for both photos. I have not had time to try out any apps that allow for RAW capture and editing.

The 7 Plus screen is definitely sharper. So when I compare the two images side by side on the phones, of course the one on the 7 looks better than the one on the 6. That should come as no surprise. DisplayMate tested the iPhone 7 display and said it was “visually indistinguishable from perfect”.

Some people have been freaking out over the new home “button that’s not a button.” So far it hasn’t bothered me even a tiny bit. I didn’t feel much of a difference between the three different settings for the “Taptic” response so I just left it set at “1”. Setting up my fingerprints seemed to go a lot quicker than on the iPhone 6.

The iPhone came with iOS 10 already installed, but Apple had released iOS 10.0.1 almost immediately after the initial 10 release to fix upgrade issues people were having. My upgrade of the 7 Plus from 10 to 10.0.1 surprisingly may have been the most painful iPhone OS upgrade I’ve ever done. During the first attempt, response from the Apple servers was so slow (32 hours to download 2 gig?) that I aborted just a few minutes in. Second attempt, downloaded at normal speed, but some how the data on the phone got corrupted and it needed to be recovered before I could proceed.

Also pairing my Apple Watch took a long time as I had to first un-pair it from the 6, pair it with the 7, restore it from a back-up and reload the apps. Not difficult, just time-consuming.

Overall, so far I’m quite happy with it and glad I upgraded from the 6. It feels like a major upgrade to me.


Which iPhone Will I Buy?

You all know I’m an Apple fan boy. And yet last year, for the first time, I did not automatically upgrade my iPhone when Apple released the 6s. I still haven’t gone for it.

I believe I will buy the iPhone 7 though. I think the differences from the 6 to the 7 are substantial enough to convince me to pull the trigger. Longer battery life, better screen, much improved cameras, faster CPU, waterproof-ish.


I’m not at all bothered by the lack of a headphone jack. First of all, there kind of is one with the adapter cable. More importantly, ever since I bought the Dragonfly, I’ve been connecting my headphones to that and then connecting that to the Lightning port via the camera adapter – a little bit kludgy looking but sounds fantastic. Any of my wired headphones will work this way (although the mike and volume controls on the cords will no longer work)(and presumably the new way of connecting wired headphones to the iPhone 7 will have the same impact) and I do have one set of Bluetooth headphones, the Parrot Zik (version 1).

Here’s one of many round-ups detailing all the new stuff. Here’s another.

There are just three things I have yet to figure out. First, the color. Black or jet black? Hard to tell the difference from photos but the Apple web site notes that the back of the jet black model will be more inclined to show scratches.

Second, I have the 128 gig iPhone 6. 96 gig of the available 114 gig is filled with music – 9,423 songs at the moment. Isn’t that enough? Would I ever really need more than that? Well, I would if someone ever releases an app that played FLAC files. (VLC does, but with a horrendous interface.)

And then, do I need the larger Plus model? One huge use of my phone is running Waze whenever I drive anywhere. The larger screen would definitely help there. And I’m definitely intrigued by the dual camera set-up on the back of the Plus.

Pre-orders start at 3 PM HK time today (September 9th). If you’re buying one, which one are you getting … and why? And any readers who have the 6 Plus or 6s Plus, how happy with that are you compared to the standard sized model?

P.S. I have the Apple Watch and I wear it almost every day. I saw nothing that makes me think I need to upgrade to the Apple Watch 2.

UPDATE: I went for the iPhone 7 Plus, 256 gig, black. I want the bigger screen, I’m intrigued by the camera set-up, you can never have enough storage, and I think the “black” (as opposed to “jet black”) looks cooler.

The online confirmation that I got when I placed the order said delivery between September 28 and October 4. The email confirmation I received an hour later said delivery between September 19 and 21. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Stereo Shopping in the Philippines Sucks Con’t

I’ve taken my B&W P6 speakers to the repair shop. I’m waiting for them to call and tell me how much that will cost and I suspect it will be a lot.

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking at A/V Receivers and got a bit of sticker shock.

I’ve been thinking about the Onkyo TX-NR646. (Right now it’s between that and Denon, but I’ll use the Onkyo as an example.)


I went to a shop in Quezon City, official distributor, manufacturer’s warranty, all that. The price there is P41,999. That’s almost US$900.

In Hong Kong the same unit sells for HK$4,184 (according to That’s roughly US$540. Slight difference.

Meanwhile Amazon is selling it for US$400, or certified refurbished ones for US$350.

$400 vs $900 is just completely fucking insane. But Amazon won’t ship this item to the Philippines, which means shipping it to some mail forwarding service in the U.S. So shipping fees x2 plus the handling fee plus the customs fee when it gets here. And having to buy a fair-sized step up transformer since the one Amazon is selling is 110 volts. Still has to be cheaper than paying $900 for it here.

In search of cheaper options, I found on Lazada, someone is selling new ones discounted at P33,500. Over on OLX someone has a used one in “almost new condition” at P25,000.

“Home theater in a box” seems to be extinct in Manila. The Sony Philippines web site features the BDV-N9100W, which isn’t even the latest model. I went to two “Sony by Avid” shops and in each I was told that it was discontinued, that Sony doesn’t sell HTIAB any more, only soundbars. (Someone over at the PinoyDVD forum commented, “home theater in a box is for pussies anyway.”)

Side note #1 – Sony makes 2 or three soundbases. They’re well reviewed and I thought that would make a good option for the bedroom. But they don’t sell the Sony soundbases in the Philippines at all.

Side note #2 – At the Sony shop in Eastwood yesterday, a relatively upscale neighborhood, they were featuring the Sony A6000 as the latest and greatest Sony mirrorless camera. This camera was released almost 2-1/2 years ago. The Sony A6300, released 5 months ago, doesn’t seem to exist yet as far as they are concerned.

I’m almost thinking that I should do my stereo shopping on my next visit to Hong Kong, then bring the box to LBC and take my chances on customs fees.

Meanwhile, on my last trip to Hong Kong, I went a little crazy and bought the Audioquest Dragonfly Red DAC.


Even my crappy ears could hear a major difference with and without it. (I listened to an odd combination of stuff while checking it out – Steely Dan, Michael Kiwanuka, Talk Talk, Supersonic Blues Machine. But I’ve been playing tons of stuff through it since I got it.)

The website for the Philippines Audioquest distributor lists the two year old version and not the latest Red or Black models.  Rather sad but apparently typical. In Hong Kong, was showing prices somewhat higher than the US$200 selling price, but I was able to find it at exactly that amount.

The next day I thought to myself, hmmm, maybe I need new headphones to go along with this. I decided that I had to set HK$2,000 as my upper limit, which ruled out the Astell & Kern Layla II model, which sells for US$3,000.


Talking with the guy in the shop, he told me the most expensive headphones they are current selling go for over US$5,000.

Anywho, after reading through a lot of different reviews online, I settled on the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7.


A lot of really good reviews on these. Also a lot of comparisons to the Sony MDR-1A, but the Audio Technica seemed to come out ahead each time. I compared both in the shop (without using the Dragonfly). The Sony ones were a lot lighter which probably meant more comfortable to wear longer but also felt cheaper. The bass was a lot different between the two as well. On the Audio Technica, the bass felt a lot sharper, a lot more well defined – though a bit on the light side, so this probably wouldn’t be the first choice for people into hip hop or EDM. Some reviews have noted that despite the soft memory foam around the ear cups on the Audio Technicas, they are quite a tight fit, and that’s the case for me as well.

On the airplane ride home that night, the Dragonfly plugged into my iPad, the Audio Technicas plugged into the Dragonfly, watching Mr. Robot, I was struck by the increased clarity and definition. Mr. Robot probably has the most unique audio design of any show currently on TV and that really came through with this combination.

One drawback of using the Dragonfly is that if your headphone cable has volume and pause buttons, they will be useless. But problem solved for me as I can still leave my iPhone in my pocket and control it from my Apple Watch.

Anyway, back where I started when I sat down, waiting to find out the cost of the B&W repair. If they’re repairable at a reasonable cost, I will do that and get a new receiver and figure out the subwoofer later on. If it’s too expensive to repair them and home theater in a box isn’t available as a reasonably cheap option, then I might end up getting a Yamaha soundbar and see how that goes.

PinoyDVD Frustration & I Still Haven’t Bought Anything & Movie Piracy

Argh. Maybe someone can help me out.

A friend recommended an online forum called PinoyDVD as a great source of info for Manila audio/video shopping. Should be simple enough, right?

They require registration before you can access some of the forums or post your own stuff. So I try to register. Which isn’t as simple as it sounds, as there are two verification questions (out of what seems to be a mix of four) at the bottom of the page, and they are in Tagalog. Friends helped me out here.

  • Nakapangalan kay Epi de los Santos: – so the answer for this one would be EDSA
  • Langhap: – the Jollibee slogan, the answer is sarap
  • And one more asking about the woman on the 500 peso bill – Cory Aquino

So I register and then get the message to wait for an email and click on the link to verify my email address. One week later that email still hasn’t come. I have:

  • made sure I typed my email address correctly
  • checked my spam folders carefully
  • clicked on the “resend verification email” about a thousand times


Then, for the heck of it, I thought I’d try to register again with a different user name and email address, only to get the message that I’m not allowed to register more than one account from the same computer. (I suppose I could use a VPN to come in via a different IP address but I’m getting tired of all this.)

There is no way to contact an admin of the page if you’re not a member of the forum already. There is a help page but all that gives you is generic instructions for the software that the forum runs on.

Next, I attempted to join the PinoyDVD Facebook group. It wasn’t too encouraging. There’s a pinned post up top from October 9, 2014 advertising an event one month later. (There are some more recent posts under the pinned post.) But you have to request to join the group and get confirmed and one week later, Zilch.

Now, just to show how persistent I can be, I looked at the members of the group to get the admin’s name. I sent him a message on Facebook but since we’re not friends of course it went straight to his filtered messages folder that he will probably never see.

And then … I found the page admin on LinkedIn and sent him a link request, which he accepted 5 days later. I explained my problem to him … and he replied that he’s no longer actively involved with the forum but he would send a message to the site admins. Two days later, still waiting ….

I also received a recommendation for a guy who I’m told is the king of home theater in Manila. His shop is way on the other side of town from me, so I sent him a text, asked him if I could send him an email telling him my situation and budget before making the long trek to his store. He said okay and sent me his email address. I sent him the details. One day later, no reply, so I sent him a text politely asking if he could respond in the next day or two. He replied that he would but that he’s busy at the moment opening a Potato Corner franchise.

(“Be part of the brand that launched the FIRST and ORIGINAL flavored fries in the Philippines. With more than 400 branches in the Philippines alone, Potato Corner has become a formidable brand that allows you to start your own business, minus all the hassle!”)

One week later, still no reply. I think maybe my budget wasn’t worth his time.

So, given the limited amount of time I have for going around to actual shops, I haven’t moved this epic quest forward at all in the last week. I’m still stuck wondering if I should get:

  • Sony Home Theater in a box, which I think would sound good enough for my old ears, is well within my budget, but I want to hear it first before deciding
  • Yamaha Sound “Projector” which I’ve read sounds better than JBL’s soundbars, but I haven’t found a place to audition it
  • Onkyo or Denon a/v receiver and repair my front speakers and do something about surround sound a few months from now

I’ve also been looking into soundbases, which could be a good thing to have in my bedroom, where I actually watch more TV than in the living room. But poor Philippines. Sony has several models that are well reviewed, and none of them are available here. I mean, isn’t it bad enough that Sony Philippines only lists the BDV-N9100W theater in a box when everywhere else that’s been replaced by the 9200?

I’m really at the point of buying this in Hong Kong, bringing it back with me and taking my chances on customs fees.

Last item but not least. A lot of shops here are selling media players by a company called A.C. Ryan.  They’re similar to my WDTV-Live but feature somewhat newer technology. Some of them come in larger boxes into which one can shove a hard disk – I don’t really need that since I load everything onto a pocket-sized 2 terabyte WD My Passport USB drive.

And what the shops are telling me is that if I buy the A.C. Ryan with a 2 TB disk from them, it will come fully loaded with blu-ray rips of all the latest films – at no additional charge. Scroll through the on-screen display and it takes about 1/2 a second to figure out the source of this, since the file names have tags like YIFY and EVO. Actually, every a/v shop I have gone into to audition equipment, they are using these files for demos rather than DVDs or Bly-Rays.

I suppose I’m glad I’m not in the home video business any more.

UPDATE: Got an email a few minutes ago telling me I was manually activated for the PinoyDVD forum, so one less thing to worry about.




Three Days With the Apple Watch


One thing I bought on my recent trip to Hong Kong was an Apple Watch. I realized that since the watch has now been on the market for more than six months, it would be easy enough to find a used one relatively cheap on DC Fever and I was correct.

Why did I want one?

I’m less of an Apple fanboi than I used to be. I feel zero need to buy the iPhone 6s or the iPad Pro. But I like “wearables” and find them useful.

I started off with the Nike Fuel band but that only lasted on my wrist for a few weeks. Next I went to the Jawbone UP, and after about a year I still wear it sometimes (these days I mostly use it for sleep tracking).

Millions of people around the world are obsessed with watches. You see this especially in Hong Kong – but it’s a global phenomenon. People pay thousands, tens of thousands for luxury brands for many reasons. Me? I’ve worn the same Casio solar G-Shock for about ten years now. I’ve never needed to change a battery and the watch looks about the same as the day I bought it. The downside is I can never remember how to change the time when I travel; I end up leaving it alone and computing in my head each time I look at it. I don’t think I would buy a Rolex or Patek Philippe even if I could afford one.

The Apple Watch intrigued me because I’m the kind of person who pulls his iPhone out of his pocket 67 times a day. Half the time I think I felt a vibration and pull it out to check the screen but there’s nothing new. And half the time I don’t feel the vibration and miss calls and text messages. So the idea of being able to get a “buzz” on my wrist and simply glance at my wrist to see what’s going on was appealing to me.

I read through a bunch of reviews, especially looking for ones that were written by writers after they’d lived with the watch for awhile. The consensus seemed to be that while the watch hadn’t become an essential piece of gear in their lives, most were still wearing it and loving it. One review (sorry, can’t find the links now) said that while the Apple Watch wasn’t a great smart watch, for the money it was a pretty great watch.

So which one to buy? There are several different configurations, starting with the materials used for the case and the “crystal.” The internals (CPU and memory) are the same across all of the models. When this first came out and I went into an Apple store to check them out, I’d thought I might go for one costing around US$800. What I found was that the only ones selling used on DC Fever were the bottom-end Apple Sport Watch. I decided I didn’t need anything more than that. My used one came with a second band and a screen protector (since the Sport edition uses cheaper materials for the crystal).

The Apple Watch is notoriously slow to load apps. Watch OS2 brought about apps that run natively on the watch, rather than just beaming information from the iPhone. Still slow but not quite as slow. The number of apps is quite limited compared to what’s available in iOS, but there are still plenty of useful ones.

The clincher for me is that one of the apps will allow me to control my GoPro Hero4 camera from the watch. I bought an all-black housing for the GoPro to make it less visible. I have a mount that allows me to put it on the strap of my backpack. And now I can walk down the street and take photos simply by tapping on my watch. I think that’s pretty cool.

The other thing that’s proven useful?  My wife messages me a hundred times a day. (Sigh.) It used to be that I’d have to pull the phone out of my pocket, unlock the screen, read her message, type a reply. Now all I have to do is glance at my wrist, scroll through her message using one finger, and then tap the little “thumbs up” symbol to send her a quick reply.

The Apple Watch is not as immediately intuitive as some other Apple products. I had to use Google to find out how to change the watch face – and there are a lot of options, many of which are almost infinitely configurable. There’s an animated version of the classic Mickey Mouse watch face, which is nice for about 13 seconds. One really cool one is the “Timelapse” – you can set it for one of 6 different cities (Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Mack Lake). For Hong Kong you get a view from The Peak which changes according to the time of day (and has some animations in it). Mostly I prefer a simple watch face, but I have added in the date, the current weather, a world clock, battery status and a button for the GoPro.

It’s also quite cool that I can make and receive calls directly on the watch. (I can only call out to those on my favorites list, which is fine.) I don’t know how often I’ll actually use it, but what the heck. I can control my music from the watch, get turn-by-turn directions as I’m walking down the street via Apple or Google Maps or Waze, and a few other things.

The Apple Watch is extremely light weight and quite thin. It’s big on my wrist because I bought the 42mm model (instead of the 38mm) because I wanted the bigger screen, but it’s so light that I barely realize I’m wearing it. And it’s a pleasant surprise that my crappy old eyes are able to read the screen without my needing to reach for my reading glasses.

One thing I don’t like is the watch band. The guy I bought it from had the basic black plastic band that comes with the Sport Watch model, along with what I think is a knock-off version of their “Milanese woven steel loop”. Apple makes a dizzying variety of bands and they’re expensive. Apple being Apple, the band attaches to the watch in a proprietary fashion. There are cheaper third party options, but I suspect they are not widely available in the Philippines. I need to find a thicker metal band or a leather one.

Battery life has proven to be better than expected. My day Friday started at 8 AM and I didn’t get home until almost 2 AM that night. I did use the battery pack I carry around to charge the watch around 5 PM but I think it would have lasted until 2 AM even if I hadn’t done that.

As the title of this post says, I’ve only had the gizmo for three days. Of course I’m happy with it so far. How will I feel about it in 3 months? How will I feel about it after the inevitable release of Apple Watch 2? Stay tuned.