No Bad Words in Facebook Ads?

Screen shot of original post:

Suggested ad on Facebook:

Spot the difference?

I just find it amusing that someone took the time to write a program that would screen out certain words for Facebook ads.

(No, I don’t pay to “promote” my site. I don’t really do anything to promote it at all – aside from having things set up to automatically post on Facebook, Twitter and Google + whenever I post a new thing here.)


Stuff You Searched For

Here are some of the search terms that brought people to this blog. Not certain which is more eye-brow-raising – that people searched for this stuff or that their searches led them here. I suppose it’s good to know that Google considers me an authority on donkey stuff.

are the goats in the hsbc ad really up the tree

glen campell prostitute

royal boob

bitches girls in chinatown bangkok

fried clams in the inland empire

drooling right wing fringe

how to insanity router in home

authority donkey stuff

slut training manila

manila slave club

manila reason taxi keeps on breaking

no milf jokes

worldmilf tumblr

wally bayola penis

hk school girl sex kikimushroom

sex mall hongkong

holy crap manila

lizard lick towing all worked up elaborate cable guy goes ballistic

xxxxxxx p s gonna sit h_e_b movie songs

And the winner is:

stupid fucking globe telecom


Some Blog Updates

I’ve never liked the WordPress theme on this blog so I’m trying a new one out now. Not my design but feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Also, recent posts and new ones will get the “more” tag – because I think it’s cleaner to offer more short posts on the front page rather than having just 3 or 4 taking up that page. Newcomers to the site can more quickly get an idea of what’s here.  (But no “more” on short posts like this one.)

Also modified my RSS feed so that it’s showing just the first few paragraphs of a post – click over to the blog to see the rest, if that’s of interest.

Comments are welcome and I’d especially appreciate your letting me know if anything is not working properly.

I’m Not Here

Which is to say, I’m in Hong Kong this week, with a busy meeting schedule, so no time for updates other than this one.

Since my office is in Wanchai, easy enough for me to wander around and see how rapidly things are changing there. For the better? Way too soon to tell.

But a partial list:

Mes Amis – closed

Spicy Fingers – closed, still under renovation by whatever new place is taking over

Boracay – closed

Delaney’s – now Taboo.

Handlebar – think it has been replaced by something new, forgot to go and look

Old China Hand – now Churchill

Amazonia – new (well, roughly one year) owners, same everything else.

Maya – now Misty

Ricky Tattoo (aka Ricky & Pinky) – closed

Frying Pan – moved

Still roughly the same – Bar 109, Joe Banana (changed owners 2 years ago), Agave, Players, Coyote (rumors abound), Queen Victoria, Doghouse (changed owners ? years ago), Devils Advocate, White Stag, Carnegie, Canny Man ….

did not yet get as far as Fenwick to see what lies beyond. The Wanch goes on, not sure about other places.

I was not out late last night – hopped on the MTR back to my hotel around 11:30 – but it seemed to me the weeknight post-10 PM crowd was much less of a crowd than a couple of years ago.

Point being, that’s a massive amount of turn-over in just two years.

Some Boring Blog Stats

I got a series of emails from WordPress offering “annual reports” on my little sites for 2015.

Hongkie Town – I stopped blogging on Hongkietown at the end of January when I moved to Manila. I have never gotten around to shutting the site down completely – I moved all of the content over to here and only have a farewell message of sorts posted there. Nevertheless, the site managed 31,000 views for the year. Not only do people keep ending up there but the page keeps getting new likes on Facebook weekly despite the almost total lack of content.

Spikes Photos – I was mortified to discover that I had posted a grand total of three times for the entire year – the last Underground show that I shot before leaving Hong Kong, a tattoo convention in Manila and a post of some random photos shot one afternoon near my home. Somehow I still managed to get 7,100 views for the year. I hope to post more in 2016; I hope to shoot more in 2016.

And finally, this site. 88 posts for the year, 37,000 views from 111 countries in 11 months. I think that’s fairly decent considering I did almost nothing to promote the site aside from cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter. (This post, by the way, appears to have been my most popular for the year.)

I do have this tendency to look at my stats a few times a week. I look at top posts, top referrers, all of that kind of thing. I do almost nothing in terms of saying, “well this post was popular, I’ll do a lot more like that.” I don’t do anything in terms of SEO.

It has occurred to me that it wouldn’t hurt to get a little extra income from what I do here. I’m not sure that Google Ads or Amazon affiliate ads are the way to go. And there’s still more than a few things in my life that take away from the time I’m able to spend on the site – not the least of which are our two new wonderful puppies, who still don’t have names.

Only one thing is for certain. In 2016, I’ll still be here, still writing when the mood strikes and still looking at the road in front of me.

What To (Blank) Now – A Few Words

What I’m doing here, you see, might be construed as a way to come up with more content. My numbers of course go up when I publish more things.

(One of these days I should start posting some ads here I guess. People are always surprised when I tell them how many page views I get per month and that I get no income out of this. My political stuff always brings in the most views but at the moment I don’t feel like writing about the Republican clown car, as Taibbi has called it, or even the clown car that is the upcoming Philippine presidential election. Not that I suffer from lack of opinions on any of it.)

But maybe it’s a bit more than that, I suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder. But basically, I like recommending stuff. I do some of that on Facebook and some on Twitter. It’s easy to cut and paste a link and write a brief comment on those sites.  I have, and will continue to do, some longer form recommendations here.

I don’t think there’s any point in my recommending/reviewing something like Adele 25 or Star Wars VII because everyone already knows about that stuff. My goal is to identify things that are mostly flying under the radar that I’ve enjoyed and share them with you, and maybe you’ll be inspired to check them out.

I wrote a long-ish post on the Velvet Underground, now that the original four studio albums are all out in massive super deluxe editions. At one point I hit the “publish” button instead of the “save draft” button, so the link ended up going out all over the place when the piece was half finished. I had to pull it till it was all done, and then when finished and really published, the link was not resent.  Anyway, my What To Hear Now – The Velvet Underground is finished and published.

On the one hand, I think that piece too clearly exposes my shortcomings as a writer. I don’t feel that I came anywhere close to describing the sheer wonderfulness of what they did. I spent two or three hours on it, on and off; a week or a month would have yielded a better result.

But on the other hand, I can’t take it for granted that everyone knows what I know. I’m frigging old and the stuff I grew up with, the stuff that was and continues to be so important in my life, stuff that made my life better, not everyone knows it. So I hope some people will find some value in my sharing what I know and what I like about some stuff that’s old or recent but that may not be as widely known.

Same with movies. I love a lot of pulp stuff as well as “artistic” stuff. I think entertainment for the sake of entertainment has its place, but I’m fed up with franchises and CGI and the way Marvel movies are sucking up all of the talent in the multiverse. In recent weeks we watched Ant-Man (acceptable), Fantastic Four (really bad) and Ted 2 (unbelievably bad), so when I come across an oddity like Bone Tomahawk, I want to spread the news.

Anyway, it’s another Thursday. Another mass shooting in the US. I have conference calls right until way after midnight tonight. The weekend is right around the corner and I’ve got 4 bottles of bourbon, 2 of whisky, 1 of tequila, I will make it through the weekend somehow!

Spike In Manila Now Includes Hongkie Town

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve imported most of the content from Hongkie Town to here, prior to shutting that site down.

It’s all a bit messier than I would have liked. I was onlly able to create an export file on a mostly-restored site following the massive hack against the HT website a few months back. Comments on old posts are not here and most of the photos/graphics are gone as well. The text is all still there, for whatever that may or may not be worth to people out there.

I’ll try to do some more clean-up in the coming days/weeks.

Brief Note

I’m in the process of bringing over all of my old Hongkie Town content to here. The initial attempt at an import was less than smooth, so I’m in the process of cleaning that up before trying it again. Apologies for the mess.

I'm Back – And Happy Holidays

Hongkie Town was hacked last week.  It was subtle and odds are you didn’t see it – I certainly didn’t.  And then I received an email from Google, “Notice of Suspected Hacking,” and that “some of my pages” would be listed as “potentially compromised” in Google’s search results.

Fortunately I have someone to assist me when it comes to web mastering tasks and that someone is far more hands-on technical than I am.  Without going into all the nasty details, all of my stuff has been transferred to a new server, clean re-install of WordPress and plugins and so on.  It also gave me an opportunity to dump the previous theme, something I’d gotten sick of a long time ago but was too lazy to change until now.

Although I haven’t been out much the past few days, I was unable to write any new posts.  My series of notable albums of 2012 will continue in a day or two.

In the meantime, my best wishes to all of my readers for a happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Festivus or whatever else you take note of at this time of year.

Hong Kong 7's 2013 Tickets

(Note that I’ve disabled my usual WordPress theme and put in this temporary very plain theme until I get some issues sorted out.)

If you’re looking for tickets for 2013’s Hong Kong Rugby 7’s, always an instant sell-out, there’s a new lottery system in place for HK Residents.  Go to the Hong Kong 7’s web site and you can register your details between December 13th 2012 and February 4 2013 for a “public ballot”, aka lottery, to be held on February 7th.  There are 4,000 seats available via this system.

Note that you can only register once and if you “win” you are only entitled to buy 2 tickets.  You’ll then have from February 8th to February 22nd to confirm and pay for your tickets.  A second drawing will be held on February 25th for any tickets unclaimed from the original drawing.

Perhaps this will be an improvement on previous years when the web site collapsed under the weight of all the people trying to buy tickets online the moment they went on sale.  Or perhaps not.