Tribo Subculture Live at B-Sides The Collective

I’ve known guitarist Bong Borbe for six months and knew he was a musician with a large following in the Philippines but never had a chance to see or hear him play until last Saturday, when he invited me to see his group Tribo Subculture. They were appearing as part of an all day festival called MerchX Jam at a place in Makati called B-Side, The Collective.

Fortunately, Bong and his group were great. Loud, energetic and, most importantly, passionate. Here’s Bong:


Here’s Tribo Subculture lead singer Cris Relato:


And here’s one of the group’s percussionists, I think his name is Julius Publico:


The photos are all up on Facebook for those who follow me there. I’ll be adding a gallery to Spike’s Photos within the next day or two.

It felt great to be out and shooting again after such a long dry spell.

And congratulations to Bong Borbe, starting his new job today as Country Manager for Fender Guitars.