Sweet Revenge at The Wanch

Catching up on photo posts, here’s a band called Sweet Revenge, playing at The Wanch in Hong Kong. These guys were definitely tons o’ fun.


After shooting the Riot band at Rio, it was great to shoot in a place with “normal” lights. Lighting aside, clearly the crowd was enjoying the band too.

I loved that the bass player took a smoke break outside – while he was still playing.

Guitar solo – “blindfolded”!

Another shot of the guitar player, who goes by the name of “Shadowless Hands”

I don’t know the name of their singer but really enjoyed him.

Last shot – a bit blurry, yes, but I think it captures the mood and I like it.

Photo geek stuff – shot with the Fujifilm X-T2, with the XF23mm F2.0 lens. Mostly these shots are at ISO 5000 and 6400.

I’m someone who for years shot by putting my subject in the middle of the frame, holding down the AF-L button and reframing. The Fujifilm X-T2 may not have a touch screen but it has that tiny joystick in the back and I’m loving it. Mostly I prefer to shoot bands looking through the viewfinder and not looking at the screen, so a touch screen would not help me at all. With the joystick, I can frame things the way I want, reach back with my thumb and adjust the focus point without removing my eye from the viewfinder, and snap away. So my love affair with the new camera continues.

More recent photos (from Manila) to come later this week.