Catching Up – Some Music Pix from Hong Kong

Believe it or don’t, I didn’t go out at night (aside from dinner) that much during my recent two weeks in Hong Kong. But I did get out a few nights and usually had my camera with me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m enjoying shooting with the Fujifilm X-T2. I just love it. Aside from everything else, some of the below photos were shot at ISO 12,800, something I wouldn’t have even attempted with my old Nikon D800.

The photos are all after the jump:

This is the singer with the house band at Joe Bananas.

This is the house band at Rio Bar, they call themselves Riot:

One night at The Wanch, The Underground was presenting their monthly Shazza Music Showcase. This is the first stop on the “Underground Circuit” for up and coming HK bands. (One thing about The Wanch is it’s so small that I usually have no trouble positioning myself right in front of the performers. But it gets pretty crowded, so it’s impossible for me to move back to get full band shots. All of these shots were done with a 23mm lens.)

This first band is called Odd Meter. Yes, the lady singing and playing guitar also played trumpet. The music veered towards the progressive rock side; I was amazed that people this age seem to have heard (and been influenced by) King Crimson.

This is a group called Lorelei. They described themselves (if I’m remembering correctly) as symphonic goth metal. Not really my thing, and I had work the next day, so I didn’t last through their entire set.

Closing things out, a few street shots. I’m not good at street photography but I think these are kind of okay-ish. All taken near Temple Street.