Photography: Seven Days

I got tagged on this Facebook “seven days” thing.

Seven days.
Seven black & white photos of your life.
No people, no explanations.
Challenge someone new each day.
I was challenged by …
I challenge …

I couldn’t go out and shoot anything new because my priority at the moment remains my job search. This meant I had to dig into my archives. The “no people” part was especially challenging since I love shooting musicians and street photography is generally shots of people.

I did come up with seven photos. Now that I’ve posted them all on Facebook, I thought I’d share them here.

Actually I really love doing post-processing in black and white. I always shoot RAW and I can do a lot of manipulation in Adobe Lightroom to really bring out the image that I’m “seeing” in my head.

Bonus for blog readers – a few other images that I pulled out for this challenge but didn’t get to use: